Griffin Burkhardt
— - Personal
Web Project

consumer driven approach

eight-page mockup of the actual website using a alternate simplistic and contemporary UI/UX approach to appeal towards the younger audience within the electric vehicle market—all hand coded myself without any framework or template using html, css, and javascript

crafted design

digital portfolio to present my web development projects, current work experience, and basic overview of my history as an Informatics student using flexbox, grid, and cpanel

Music Composition
ambiance through sound

create short pieces that contain an electronic/orchestra presence with modern hip-hop style drum beats and upload them to SoundCloud using fl studio 12

— - Center for Applied Informatics
UI/UX Toolkit
Branding, Reimagined

designed multiple university webpages, including a sortable degree program index, the health innovation center building, the apply to the university, and an engagement portal using adobe experience manager

— - Hackathons
Cultural Inclusiveness
GlobalHack VII

$10,000 2nd place college division winner - connected immigrants and refugees with United States citizens to create a safer transition into domestic society using html, css, javascript, json, php, sql

Tweet Waves
CatHacks IV

OpenText Big Data Hack winner - collected and mapped thousands of content filtered tweets onto a heatmap based off activities using html, css, javascript, python, php, sql

— - Certificates
Machine Learning
Stanford University
in-depth look into artificial intelligence

eleven-week course that covered how to apply the most advanced machine learning algorithms to real world Internet of Things related problems taught by Dr. Andrew Ng